1 October 2015 Opening rareseashell.com

lagrenadine after 10 years of success is pleased to make you benefit from its experience in launching rareseashell.com
In collaboration with leading Europeans merchants, Ettore, Alain, Christian, Bruno and some collectors.  Adjusteding last details

    • Site reserved for the rare shells
    • Ability to sell your great rarities
    • Send us photos and datas comple
    • Contact us for conditions and our guarantees
    • in French and English Site sponsored by big names from the international collection.
    • Open Section regularly update your satisfaction or criticism when rééception the shell.
    • Always the money back guarantee.

September 28, 2015
Arrivages lagrenadine.com

continued his vocation grenadine.com site Passion collection with a specialty in natural sciences and antiqueandnaturalcuriosities theme.
This day arrival of insects, a cobra, gorgon, and jade pendant. 

September 27, 2015 I can not do everything alone!

My women leave me after each other, I do not have my old charm, but my objects go up in rarity and beauty, Bond experience!

September 25, 2015 New entries

renewal of these days stock on lagrenadine.com
development headings "collectibles", "unusual", etc.

September 24, 2015 New seashells

  • Adamsoni 42mm

    ADAMSONI TOP 42 mm

    Iles Marquises.

  • Rare and interesting seashells

    Rare and interesting seashells

  • sample-3

    Rare and interesting

    Rare and interesting seashells

September 24 2015 : Cyp Tigris Olgiatti Bozetti

cyp tigris Olgiatti Bozetti

Few pieces worldwide I have found my first Madagascar was in the Fort Dauphin area c it has been found these alive during a dredging off natal south africa she is very mature heavy its almost invisible spots are unreal it has the brilliance shine on a snowy white end of an old collection achetee a Russian trawl stop fort dauphin dredged 200m deep.

Tigris Olgiatti Bozetti

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